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*What is the difference between Shilajit and what you use?

-Shilajit is a tarry product sourced from deposits in the Himalayan mountains in areas of extreme poverty and conflict. The origins are often undocumented and its quality cannot be universally verified or be consistently reliable. The Shilajit on the market is not tested for purity, heavy metals or fulvic ratio. Shilajit has a host of problems and is often adulterated with other substances and even cow urine (as this is how real shilajit actually smells) to pass off to buyers. Please research heavily and investigate the company if you intend to use a shilajit product. We are based in the US and are accountable to our laws here, a overseas seller has little to no culpability to US law and faces no burden of quality testing.

When researching the best source material for our product, we found the deposits in the South Western United States were actually superior to Shilajits we tested. The base origin material we use is leonardite. It is the most consistent, highest fulvic value material with rock solid provenance as we deal directly with a private mine. 

*Why start with a smaller dosage?

-It is recommended that you begin with a teaspoon at first and work you way up to a Tablespoon over at least a week unless you have been using a Humic or Fulvic product regularly and recently. Fulvic acid is an excellent detoxifier and using the full dosage may create a detox effect of either an upset stomach or discomfort depending upon the toxicity and parasitic/yeast activity in your body. Everyone is different and we desire your experience to be as positive as possible, so we advise to begin slowly and avoid any potential discomfort.

*Can I use tap water to dilute my Fulvic and Humic?

-Do Not Mix with Chlorinated Tap Water, Use filtered, bottled or Spring/Well water or take without water and don’t drink tap water for over 30 minutes. Why? Chlorinated water has chlorine-obviously, but when Fulvic molecules bond with Chlorine, it causes them to create chlorites which have a negative impact on your body. We do not recommend drinking chlorinated or fluoridated water. If this is all that is available, consider using a water filter like a Brita, Reverse Osmosis unit or leaving a glass of tap water out overnight to enable the chlorine gasses to dissipate.

*Can I take this with or near Vitamins and medications?

-While we cannot provide instruction about compliance with medications, we can attest to the synergistic effect Fulvic and Humic has with Vitamins and Natural health supplements. Fulvic specifically improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals, delivering them more effectively to their destinations within cells throughout the body.

At this time we suggest it is best to take medications at least one hour apart from your Fulvic and Humic. 

*Can I take a higher dosage?

-Yes, you can. There is no high concentration of heavy metals or negative constituents that would harm your body in higher dosages. Taking as much as twice the dosage after dehydration or during illness has shown to greatly enhance recovery time. We recommend diluting any servings over twice the amount with 16oz of RO water and drinking over the course of an hour. 

*Are there any side effects?

-Yes, detoxification and related mild symptoms can occur if you begin rapidly and have not been on a fulvic and humic product before. Please refer to our first question at the top of the page. Other side effects include a feeling like a rush of energy or a wave of movement directly following a dose. This is due to the high volume of electrons and the ability for fulvic molecules to enter into all parts of your tissues and cells. Some people describe this feeling, others do not experience it at all. Heavier sleep is a common effect as well as higher energy, so some people learn the best regimen for taking their dosages are in the morning or in the afternoon or both, avoiding the evening all together. The other side effects would be labeled as benefits, and are described in detail on our home page.

*Can I take this if I have Diabetes?

-Yes. Diabetes often causes chronic nerve numbness, inflammation and pain. We recommend looking at research which has been done on fulvic products by visiting

*Can I take this if I am pregnant or nursing?

-Yes, in fact, these are times when you need extra nutrients and minerals in your body. Fulvic and Humic play key roles in supporting beneficial bacterium throughout your GI tract leading to better nutrient absorption and reduction on bad bacterium levels. Fulvic and Humic Acids even help support beneficial bacteria vaginally which reduces your ability to get strep B in your 36 week prenatal checkup screening. Having a positive Strep B test in the US healthcare system necessitates antibiotic treatment during labor which sterilizes your gut as well as your baby's gut, eradicating all the beneficial bacterium you confer to them. There are many benefits overall from Fulvic and Humic acids during pregnancy; from getting additional bioavailable trace minerals to boosting the efficacy and absorption of your other supplements, prenatals and foods and also increasing your amino acids, polyphenols and bioflavanoids- all of which are in our Multimineral Fulvic and Humic Multinutrient Blend.

How is your Processing superior to other brands?

  • Do you offer a concentrate? No, we will not offer a concentrate which doesn't allow full separation of the Fulvic from Humic molecules-inhibiting the action of Fulvic molecules and their ability to enter cells (Humic molecules cannot enter cells, only fulvic molecules are small enough as long as they are not attached to other molecules-manufacturers of concentrates will not tell you this)


  • What is your potency compared to other products? Firstly, we offer a fully developed and separated liquid with over 100,000 ionic solids per serving ensuring high potency. Many Humic and fulvic solutions have less than half of our fulvic potency and offer under pulverized humic molecules which tend to clump and settle and are not truly ionic or colloidal.

  • Do you mass produce your product in a third party facility? No, we choose to use a micro batch process method, producing no more than 250 32oz bottles per batch at a time to ensure quality and safety and each batch is tested for alkalinity and TDS fall within our target range. These batches are numerated, numbered, and given specific IDs.


  • Are you a GMP compliant facility? We follow CGMP guidelines for all our business practices and record all our data for your peace of mind, the FDA does not directly certify facilities but third parties do. This is a cost prohibitive process for small businesses to renew yearly. Electing to keep our pricing as low as possible, we are not pursuing certification of our facility at this time. 


  • How are your solutions made? Do you use acidic mediums? We do not impellor mix our products which studies have found can damage the weak oxygen bonds, losing the benefit of ancient oxygen that will be delivered directly to the cells, we vortex process with a special oxygenation feature that is not overly disruptive to the bonds. We  do not use acidic mediums, but rather choose a process which is highly alkaline.


  • How is your product Oxygenated? We add precious Oxygen to our Fulvic and Humic molecules through a proprietary process to increase cellular oxygenation.

  • Why do you suggest using glass bottles ? We Choose to offer glass bottles for product purity unlike our competitors who only offer opaque plastics like HDPA (and look like laxatives). Glass is inert and excellent for longevity of storage.


  • Why do you offer plastic bottles? We offer the option of purchasing our product in a food safe transparent PET bottles at a discounted price to enable you the freedom of choice and cost. We offer PETE and HDPE (half gallon) bottles with a caveat that we reduce the shelf life expectancy (expiration date) down to a year from its manufacture date from the usual two year of our glass bottles. This is done because we understand that plastics degrade and we use the bottle manufacturer's optimum storage life suggestions as opposed to our shelf life expectancy given to our solution. We understand some people may prefer plastic due to shipping to freezing temperatures, cost of shipping and lower price. 

  • How should I measure my dosage? We include a FREE convenient Teaspoon/Tablespoon measuring scoop for ease of use instead of telling customers to use the cap (and have leftover product dribble down the bottle)​


  • How do you reduce your carbon footprint? We use ingredients, equipment, Bottles, lids, labels, packing materials and accessories made in the USA, choosing to deal with manufacturers direct that are as close to us a possible. This ensures the products are created with US governed oversights like the EPA, something products sourced from outside of the US are not subjected to.


  • Do you use recycled materials? We use almost all natural & recyclable or renewable materials to bottle and ship your product. When equipment wears our or becomes obsolete, the material is recycled as opposed to disposed of in a landfill. BioFulvic has agreements with a recycling business to pick up cardboard, plastics and metals for immediate recycling on a biweekly basis.


  • How does your business work toward global reduction of plastics? We keep our use of plastic to a bare minimum company wide and we reuse what plastics are provided from our suppliers, recycling the remainder.

  • Does BioFulvic Support Charities? We donate 10% of our profits to Charity every year-a moral commitment from our founders.


  • What sets your product and company apart from others? We are the only Humic supplement producer that Oxygenates, Vortex processes and Tests for Heavy Metals that is an approved member of the HPTA



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