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BioFulvic's MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend

plant based
preservative free
heavy metal tested
full spectrum

What Makes Our Fulvic & Humic Supplement Superior to Other Brands?

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Proudly made in the USA, from ingredients sourced in the USA, using bottles and packing materials made in the USA. We have almost zero foreign reliance.
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BioFulvic never adds any allergenic ingredients. We don't use equipment which has been contaminated with Soy, Corn, Wheat, Dairy, Nightshades, Legumes, Nuts, Eggs or any other allergenic foods or chemicals.
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Our origin material is ancient, generated before GMO contamination existed. It is carefully sourced from a protected, private mine and has never come into contact with GMO seeds, pollen or crops.  
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We test our products at a top ISO/IEC certified laboratory which does testing for industry giants. We base our mineral & metal information, Fulvic & Humic levels and pathogen analyses on their data.
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Unlike other companies selling Fulvic & Humic products, BioFulvic uses Industry Standard Testing to establish safety and content of our Fulvic & Humic Blend. BioFulvic is a proud member of the Humic Product Trade Association and follows their Product Content Guidelines.
BioFulvic chooses to use natural and recyclable materials in every step of our product's creation. We ship our products in sustainable packing materials. We use local manufacturers to keep our carbon footprint smaller and reduce waste while supporting American business!
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BioFulvic follows cGMP guidelines throughout our product's creation. We strive to provide the highest quality, most consistent and dependable products because we care about our customers' experience.
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Can minerals, acids and non-living constituents be organic?
Short answer: NO. Don't be fooled by other Fulvic & Humic products with an organic claim. The origin material from which the minerals and acids are derived is as organic as it is ancient, but no mineral product can ever be certified as-or make serious claim to-the industry term "Organic"-referring to living things raised or grown without chemicals, synthetics, or GMOs. Our use of organic refers to chemically organic molecules bonded with carbon structures and plant based acids.
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What Our Customers Have to Say

"It’s only been 2 days that I’ve taken this and my ear eczema is completely gone, don’t hesitate, just get it, very beneficial health wise, the electrolytes are wonderful"


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-Alkaline 9.5+ (tested)

-Water Extracted 

-Full Spectrum

-Contains 70 Minerals

-Low in Sodium

-Fully Bio-Available

-From a Fresh Water Deposit

-Electrolyte Rich

-Rich in Amino Acids

-Naturally & Ethically Sourced

-ISO/IEC Certified Lab Tested

-Allergen Free

-GMO Free

-Heavy Metal Free

-Pesticide, Chemical & Toxin Free

-Cruelty Free

-Preservative Free

-Cellularly Conductive

-Vegan & Vegetarian

-Pro Keto & Pro Paleo

-Sourced in the USA

-Made in the USA

-Recyclable Bottle


Fulvic & Humic BENEFITS 


Anecdotal testimonies and published research agree upon the many

benefits of  Fulvic & Humic Substances. They have been found to: 

-Increase your Body's Hydration

-Speed Workout and Dehydration Recovery

-Increase Cellular Conductivity through electron volume

-Replenish Electrolytes

-Improve your Energy Levels

-Boost Mental Focus and Memory

-Aid in Weight Loss by increasing Metabolic Activity

-Enable Deeper Sleep (Better REM Cycle) & increase occurrence of dreams


-Enable Uninterrupted Sleep by diminishing need for nigh-time Urination 

-Improve Quality of Skin, Nails & Hair

-Reduce Skin problems like Psoriasis, Sores, Keritosis Pilaris & Acne

-Gently Detoxifies the Body and inhibits Parasite Activity


-Speed Wound Healing

-Improve Nutrient Absorption & Assimilation 

-Increase Metabolism while reducing sugar cravings

-Improve Eyesight

-Help Heal Leaky Gut

-Fight Infection & Viral outbreaks

-Reduce Pain and inflammation in joints and from

Lactic Acid buildup

-Strengthen your overall Immune System

-Reduce Acid Reflux 

-Increase and stabilize Beneficial Micro-Organisms in our digestive tract

-Enhance Longevity (made evident through bioassay



The ELIXIR of Nature

three view and dimensional panel biofulv

     Fulvic & Humic Acids are complex molecules that can only be created by soil-based microorganisms which up-cycle plant matter into these nutritive molecules. Due to their high amounts of electrons, these acids have a natural affinity to bond with minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, polyphenols, bioflavenoids, and even oxygen. This affinity naturally bonds Fulvic & Humic molecules with these constituents and adds them to their branch-like molecular structure.

     No lab can synthesize the complexity of Fulvic or Humic Acids and their therapeutic capabilities remain a topic of endless research & study. 

     Our ancient origin MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend captures these Fulvic & Humic powerhouse molecules that are ionically suspended, enabling you to access the rewards of nutritive wealth thousands of years in the making.

    We know you will love how our bio-available minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and constituents in our Fulvic & Humic Blend enrich your health.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

The NEED for Trace Minerals

Why do You need Humic & Fulvic Acids Trace Minerals together?
Why we can't depend on our foods of today, or a healthy lifestyle to provide all our health needs.

     Organic minerals occur naturally in plants as compounds with natural acid salts. Plants are designed to extract 70-80 minerals from the soil and pass them on to the foods we eat, or the plants that animals eat. Inorganic minerals that are found in fortified foods (anything with white flour or cereals), multi-vitamins or mineral supplements often come from ground up stone or mineral deposits. Because these substances have not been converted into an organic compound by plants or microorganisms, the minerals are mostly not biologically available or usable in the body and can cause damage and harm.

     Trace minerals taken alone are not actually "Bio-Available". Even when they are in an ionic solution, th emajority of the minerals are not atomically small enough to be utilized by the body's cells and tissues. Hence, the primary benefit of mineral trace minerals supplements is their activity in the body as electrolytes. They are otherwise mostly biologically unavailable and are not as effective as Fulvic-bonded trace minerals which enter the cell.

      In the last 100 years, over-farming of the same land, monocropping, GMOs and the vicious cycle using chemical pesticides plus artificial fertilizers in commercial, large scale agriculture has depleted the soil of minerals to extremely low levels. Additionally, herbicides and Fungicides and pesticides chemically inhibit uptake of remaining soil minerals by bonding with those present in the soil. This reduces or eliminates the plant's ability to utilize essential minerals-translating to fewer minerals in your food. Over the past 100 years, the mineral levels in agricultural soils have been periodically measured and have been shown to have drastically dropped on average by 72% in Europe, 76% in Asia, and 85% in North America according to a report done in the 1990s. 20-30 years have passed and numbers continue to plummet.


     As minerals in the soil go down, disease (of plants AND of those reliant on plants grown in the soil) goes up.  As soil has been rapidly depleted over the last century and even more intensively in the past 30 years, it’s not a surprise that diseases of every kind have accelerated rapidly over the same period.


     Every living organism, including bacteria, plants, animals, and humans, need minerals to function properly. Humans need a wide array of minerals in specific amounts, keeping this balance in an era of filtered water and depleted foods without supplementation is impossible.

trace minerals can be a serious concern to your health if they’re lacking. Trace minerals work synergistically with other minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids in a wide variety of biochemical reactions.

The BioFulvic MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend Has been fully tested for trace minerals by an ISO/IEC certified Laboratory (click here for the full list) by HPTA industry Standard testing Procedures. Testing of our Pure Origin ingredients show levels of Heavy metals such as Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Cadmium are non detectable.  Our Organic Bio-Available minerals are high in essential 





Fulvic & Humic Bottle
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The STORY of Our Blend

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BioFulvic's MultiMineral  Fulvic & Humic Micro-Nutrient Blend

Is derived from ancient, prehistoric plants deposited by flowing freshwater. Soil based micro-organisms broke down this biomass into extremely small  Fulvic and Humic acids. With their extremely high amounts of electrons, these molecules bonded with positively charged minerals and oxygen available in the nutrient rich sediments and plant material surrounding them. Over time, these rich deposits were covered with sand sediments and encapsulated by what has now become sandstone. Today, they lie just beneath the surface in shallow, non-compressed geologic flows protected from solar radiation and degradation of the elements. The result of these processes and the millennia that have passed created Humic matter rich in micro-organisms, essential mutrients, oxygen & mineral deposits. 

This dense matter has a very low molecular weight enabling the minerals to float in the solution-becoming ionic. Our Humic matter used is a mass of vital, bio-available substances and has remained untouched by our modern, caustic pollutants beneath layers of sandstone and uncultivated topsoil. This rare and pure material is carefully sourced in the southwestern United States in our private mine. Our source deposit's purity and quality is higher than anywhere else on earth.  The origin material we use has higher mineral content and higher Fulvic content than all other U.S. and foreign sourced Humic matter. It even tests higher than eastern Shijalit and peat based extractions.

This rich Humic matter was first discovered by Native Americans who used it for promoting their own health and healing.

BioFulvic sources the purest, most usable Humic substances and through our proprietary process, we ensure the maximum benefit from these substances in our liquid solution. Furthermore, our gentle processing maintains fragile bonds with ancient oxygen molecules and our oxygenation process adds valuable and essential oxygen molecules to the Fulvic & Humic structures. 

We use purified, filtered water that has been UV light cleansed to remove harmful pathogens and then is remineralized. The result is highly pure alkaline water that aids in separating the Fulvic structures from the Humic origin material and ensures a higher health benefit.


BioFulvic's formulation has been tested in ISO/IEC certified Labs according to the Industry standard AOAC  and CDFA methods per requirements of the Humic Product Trade Association (HPTA) to confirm the levels of Humic and Fulvic Acid. We also test the minerals to ensure no contaminants or unsafe levels of heavy metals exist. 

BioFulvic never uses salt water sources, sulphur deposits or Humic products from contaminated modern era topsoils. This enables us to assure you that our products, unlike vitamins or supplements available today, are 100% GMO Free, have no foreign contaminants, are grain free, dairy free, gluten free, corn and soy free, vegan, low sodium, completely organic, and not processed on equipment used for any other type of food product.

We  proudly produce and source BioFulvic's MultiMineral Fulvic & Humic MicroNutrient Blend in The USA! BioFulvic is based In the Southwestern United States and is a Family Owned Business.

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